Outstanding Business Leader

The Outstanding Business Leader Award honours inspirational business leaders aged 36 years and older who have demonstrated a strong commitment to leadership in their workplace, industry, and community while providing mentorship to others.


To enter this category, entrants must show evidence of their dedication to building a smarter and more inclusive future over the past year, while acting as an outstanding mentor and business leader. Entrants must also have been in a senior or executive-level position within their current organisation for at least 18 months prior to entering.

Award eligibility check box

  • I am aged 36 or over years at the closing date of 13 June 2024
  • I am not an employee, Regional President, State Councillor or Board Member of NSW Business Chamber Limited
  • I have not been a judge in this category in 2023
  • I am not a judge in the 2024 Business Awards program


Entrants’ full name:
Current job title:
Date of birth:
Name of your organisation or business:

  1. Provide a brief profile, including your current role and scope of responsibilities. Maximum word count: 200
  2. Detail the specific activities and initiatives you have undertaken to reshape your workplace, industry or community to create a smarter and more inclusive future, with examples of how you have used your leadership skills. Maximum word count: 400
  3. Describe the key challenges you have faced as a business leader and how you overcame them. Maximum word count: 300
  4. Provide an overview of your five-year goals and strategies for future business growth, detailing how you are working towards achieving them. Maximum word count: 300
  5. Outline the reasons why you are an outstanding business leader, including the ways in which you provide mentorship to others. Maximum word count: 400