Outstanding Community Organisation

The Outstanding Community Organisation Award celebrates an organisation that strives to enhance the social, cultural or environmental wellbeing of their community members.


To qualify for this category, entrants must be a social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation that has been operating for more than two years/24 months. They must consistently demonstrate their commitment to being an outstanding community organisation in the past 12 months.

Award eligibility check box

  • The organisation has been trading for a continuous period of two or more years and is not bankrupt or trading insolvent at the time of entry.
  • The organisation has not entered the categories of Outstanding Start-up, Excellence in Micro Business, Excellence in Small Business or Excellence in Business.
  • A representative of this business has not been a judge in this category in 2023.
  • A representative of this business is not a judge in the 2024 Business Awards program.


  1. Explain the social purpose of your organisation and how it contributes to the social, cultural, or environmental wellbeing of the community. Maximum word count: 300
  2. Provide an overview of your organisation, including the product or service you deliver within the community. Maximum word count: 200
  3. Provide an overview of the key features of your business development strategy and projected outcomes for the future. Maximum word count: 300
  4. Demonstrate how your organisation contributes to the local economy in your region. Maximum word count: 400
  5. Outline the key challenges your organisation has faced over the past 12 months and explain how you have managed the impact of these challenges. Maximum word count: 400